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The Services Selection Board (SSB) has a primary goal of evaluating a candidate's potential to become an officer in the armed forces through a rigorous and fair selection system. The system consists of three independent techniques that assess and grade the essential qualities needed for defence services, even under stressful conditions.

> The first technique is a psychological test, conducted within a given time frame by specially trained psychologists.


> The second technique is the GTO's tests, conducted face to face on the ground, where the testing officer evaluates the candidate's performance under stress.

> The third technique is the Interviewing Officer's Test, where the President or Deputy President interviews the candidate and evaluates their personality traits through generic and situation-based questions.


All three tests are conducted independently to ensure fairness and accuracy in the selection process.

SSB Institute

Services Selection Board (SSB)

The 'SSB Interview', also known as the Services Selection Board, is a rigorous Personality and Intelligence Assessment Test designed to evaluate the potential and compatibility of candidates for commissioning into the Armed Forces of India as officers. This comprehensive interview process spans five days and involves a battery of scientific and time-tested psychological testing techniques to assess a candidate's mental and emotional fortitude, as well as their overall fitness for a career in the armed forces.

National Defence Academy
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