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Why do you want to become officer in the armed forces? Here's how you could approach this question:


I was asked by a serving soldier, who has applied for service entry, as to what should be my reply, if asked by the interviewing officer that: "Why do you want to become an officer? Please understand that the answer to this question has to be yours and you must speak out with conviction. However, just to give you an idea, you could frame your answer on these lines:

"Sir, I am being encouraged by my superior officers, as also, I feel myself too, that given a proper direction, I can take up higher responsibilities and discharge them to the satisfaction of my seniors. (I am a quick learner and have effectively performed the duties my unit) Becoming an officer will require me to attend many highly educative professional courses that will enhance my professional knowledge and broaden my horizon, which will help me to perform my assigned task more effectively. As an officer, I can utilise my ground knowledge of a jawan/ NCO and come out with innovative, practical solutions for routine unit challenges. Being an officer will greatly boost my social status which will be a matter of great pride for me, my family and friends.'

Your response as a civilian to the same question could be built up on the lines given in my attached blogs.

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