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Unraveling the Unrelatable: Navigating Challenging TAT Pictures with Insight


Question: Sir, how must I approach such a picture, where I find it personally difficult to relate with?

Answer: Please remember that the aim behind making you write TAT stories by the psych is to know your inner feelings, thoughts, values, beliefs, attitudes, etc. Hence, you will be seldom given such pictures that you will find difficult to relate with. Nonetheless, if you get this picture, how must you approach it:

Picture is of a room, appears to be a bedroom, where a male character, who appears to be asleep and a female character, who appears to be in a pleasant mood, seems to be the more active and prominent character is the picture. So, naturally must be chosen as your main character.

Now, as per what you have be taught at Olive Greens Institute, ask yourself those three questions:

Q1. Who am I?

Ans. Considering the setting of the picture, in all likelihood she could be the wife of this male character.

Q2. What am I doing?

Ans 1: Possibly, she is the lady of the house, who performs her household responsibilities diligently and is a source of great inspiration or support for her husband and the family.


Ans 2: Planned a wonderful outing to an exquisite location for her husband who is kind of overworked at office.


Ans 3: Waking up husband to give him a surprise that she may have planned (could be a celebration pertaining to job promotion or wedding anniversary, etc).


Ans 4: Waking up husband to start a joyful day that they had planned together, like, creation of a kitchen garden on a Sunday, repair and mend something in the house, inviting friends and family for an occasion, etc.

Q3. Why am I doing it?

Ans 1: Because she takes pride in performing her responsibilities well.

Ans 2: Appreciates husband's contributions for the family and hence wants to thank him with this gesture.

Ans 3: Because she is a caring and a loving person.

Ans 4: Because she is full of life and is a creative person.

Any of the above themes will be suitable to write the story. Make sure that you explain the nitty-gritty of how she organised/ conducted the planned activity in minor details.

Finally, write a logical outcome of the actions that she performed to accomplish the desired aim that she had set for herself.

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