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How To Overcome Negative Emotions


Many times when an image is shown in TAT which triggers negative emotions, your mind tends to express negativity. There is nothing so wrong about it, because negative emotions are also a part of the spectrum of human emotions.

However, depending upon the other features depicted in the picture, you could creatively write a story that projects such human traits of yours that are appreciable.

For example, when clearly a dead body is shown in the picture, you cannot deny this reality. Hence, some themes that can project you positively could be

(provided you can relate with it and have adequate knowledge about the issue):

- Conducting last rights of unclaimed dead body.

- Measures adopted to prevent future deaths because of what the person died (epidemic, farmer's suicide, road accident, etc).

- Paying homage to a respect worthy person and carrying his work further.

- Providing assistance to the dependants of a needy.

- Health worker doing something extraordinary, e.g. story as follows:

"Sahil, was a diligent ward boy working in a hospital. He took great pride in giving his best by not only helping the sick with medication but also provided emotional support to them that always helped them to feel better.

An old gentleman who had no other relatives was anonymously sponsoring the education of an orphan. Having established a close rapport, the old man confidentially shared with Sahil about his work, which really touched Sahil's heart.

Inspite of best medical support of the hospital the old man could not survive.

Sahil, before conducting the last rights of the old man, visited the orphanage and brought the young orphan to the hospital so that he could be informed about the nobel deed of the old man.

Sahil assured the orphan that he will continue with the work started by the old man and decided to support the orphan in his education and also personal and psychological needs.

Sahil drew tremendous satisfaction from lending a helping hand to the orphan and they both remembered the old man very fondly."

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