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Outdoor GTO and Physical Training

The first outdoor task in the SSB interview conducted by the GTO is the Progressive Group Task (PGT), which consists of a set of obstacles in a specified area that candidates and their team members must cross, while carrying a load and following a set of rules. The GTO provides helpful materials such as a wooden log, plank, and rope to tie them together. The task difficulty progressively increases from one obstacle to the next. Olive Greens Institute provides an authentic outdoor ground that meets the exact specifications of the SSB, including Group Obstacle Tasks and Physical Conditioning. The GTO ground is situated in a prime location in the Shivalik Hills in Chandigarh and covers two sprawling acres of training ground. It includes two PGTs, two HGTs, ten Command Tasks, a Final Group Task, ten Individual Obstacles, and all six Obstacle courses for Snake Race, all built to meet the 100% specifications of the Service Selection Board.

Hostel, Mess and Bus

  • Olive Greens takes pride in providing a well-equipped and comfortable hostel for outstation candidates. We ensure proper bedding and accommodation to ensure a comfortable stay.

  • For female candidates, a separate hostel is available to ensure privacy and safety.

  • Our hostel is located at Plot Nos E-318-320, Panchkula Eco City, conveniently situated on the Panchkula-Ramgarh-Barwala Highway in Panchkula, Haryana.

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Transportation Bus
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