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About Olive Greens Institute

Olive Greens Institute is dedicated to promoting individual and organizational competence through a scientific process of intellectual, emotional, and social skills enhancement for HR development. Our activities range from Personality and Aptitude Assessment to Leadership and Team Building and Soft Skills Development. We recognize the importance of building and sustaining a robust and effective corporate leadership, and have developed a series of interventions based on self-evaluation, team dynamics, and intra-group activities. Our scientifically designed training process helps build strong interpersonal relationships and assists in managing stress in the dynamic corporate environment.

We specialize in SSB Coaching, SSB Preparation, SSB Interview Coaching, SSB Training, SSB Recruitment, Preparation for NDA Written Exam, NDA Written Coaching, Preparation for CDS Written Exam, CDS Written Coaching, Corporate Training, Soft Skills Development Programmes, Preparation for SSB interviews, Security Training, Aptitude Testing and Counselling, Assessment Center and Competency Mapping. Our main focus is on specialized and result-oriented preparation for NDA/CDS written exam and SSB Coaching, which follows a systematic approach of training, evaluation, and personalized feedback.










  • A state-of-the-art infrastructure with indoor facilities that have audio-visual training aids,

  • Outdoor GTO tasks that replicate those found in SSBs.

  • The assessors at Olive Greens are DIPR trained and have more than a decade of experience in the field. The emphasis of training is on genuine enhancement of officer-like qualities, rather than template-type coaching, and the training is realistic and demanding.

  • Each individual receives personalized training and feedback at the end of each task.

  • The selection results at SSB and bonding with the Institute by candidates trained by Olive Greens speak to the conducive learning environment that is present there.

Journey of a Candidate At Olive Greens

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